01 About Us

With a vision to collect food products from its exotic origins and to distribute it to the world market Easy pack has it’s roadmap set. We show immense commitment to the quality of grains and to strengthen client relations. From its inception in 2015, Easy pack has conquered every milestone with success and moving towards the next.

Quality Is An Investment In The Future


02 what we offer

Future Investment Initiative

It offers an extensive range of grains and beans amassed from different parts of the world – from green coffee beans, rice grains, virgin coconut oil, almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts to vanilla. Easy pack has it’s name not only in South Dakota, but also in Saudi Arabia ,India ,Hong Kong, china.

01Arabica vs Robusta Taste:

The first difference that appears between these types of coffee beans is the taste. Since Robusta bean grows at the lower altitude compared to Arabica, it is planted on to a different kind of soil as well. In result, Robusta bean has a bitter taste than Arabica. This is caused by the caffeine contained within the bean which is 2.7%–Arabica coffee beans contain 1.5% only. More caffeine means more bitter taste. Meanwhile, Arabica which has 60% lipids tastes better than Robusta.

Besides arabica coffee has sweeter taste, it contains a higher level of acidity with a little taste of fruit, chocolate and nuts which are very delicious. Meanwhile, robusta has a lower acid level and many people say it taste like burnt wood or rubber. So, if it is a comparison, the winner is still Arabica.

02Arabica Beans

As compared with the Robusta beans, these Arabica coffee beans are far less acidic. Moreover, these beans produce one of the finest coffees that a person can get, making it another important reason to add it to your grocery list.

This is recommended because the cold brewed coffee contains 70% less acidic value than a hot cup of coffee, even though they are made from the same type of organic low acid coffee beans. If you prefer a hot cup of coffee, try grinding the beans in water. This secretes less acid into the drink.

03 Team

Winston Pinto

Kirk S. Quinn

Annie L. Moody

Herbert C. Cox